Wey Valley Sequence Dance Association

This is a Sequence Dance Association of Clubs in the Hampshire/Surrey area.

Larry Green

Well known keyboard player and recording artist who plays at some of our dances. Records for Maestro records.

David Smith

Well known keyboard player and recording artist who has recently moved into the area. Records for Savoy records. Also dance teacher and examiner as well as being a qualified dance adjudicator.

Churchfield Dance Services

Provides DVDs, CDs and a script service

Brockbank Lane

Provides a script service in which the ladies steps are described seperately when permitted by the appropriate dance organisations .

Summertime Dancing

Old Time and Golden Oldies Sequence Dance Clubs and Holidays. Based in Normandy Surrey.

Cove Sequence Dance Club

Sequence Dance Club which meets on Friday evenings at Oakfarm Community Centre, Farnborough

Modern Sequence Dancing

An excellent site for information for the seqeunce dancer including clubs and holidays.

Sequence Dance UK

Site providing information and excellent videos of popular older and one or two new sequence dances including some detailed walk throughs.

Watkins School of Dance

Web site of Avril and Graham Watkins, inventers of dances such as the Silver Wedding Waltz and Time Square Tango. They also run holidays.

Sequence Dance CDs

A review of CDs suitable for sequence dancing.

Sylvia's Forum

Forum for exchange of views on all aspects of Sequence Dancing. Can get very heated at times. Always a good read following an inventive competition. It also has a techniques section.

The Best of Modern Sequence Dances

A mine of information for the sequence dancer including old scripts

Modern Sequence Dance World

Web site of Helen Blackburn and Steven Shaw. Full of useful information including script amendments, and derivation of sequence dance names.

Far Eastern Square Tango

You Tube video of an interesting variation of the Square Tango

Sequence Dancing in Queensland Video

You Tube video of an Easter Sequence Dance in Queensland Australia.

Free Web Backgrounds

Free backgrounds for web pages one of which is used on this site.

Christmas Clipart

Site for free web backgrounds and clipart

Christmas Clipart

Site for free web clipart

GR Sites

Site for web graphics